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ATWO International is a representative brand of “ATWO”, which plans, develops and manufactures products in general IT.

ATWO was founded on HANICS '30 years of acoustic know-how and technology. HANICS is a US military procurement vendor brand that has been recognized for its technological prowess and exports various communication products such as Bluetooth earphone, handsets, and bone conduction headsets. The overall acoustic products such as ATWO Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds and Bluetooth Speaker are consumer Bluetooth items created by HANICS military communication technology and 30 years of silver know-how.

ATWO stands for Asia Top World number One. Since its inception, ATWO has consistently achieved a spirit of challenge that is not afraid of change in the domestic and overseas markets. Based on the steady development of technology and gaining trust from domestic and overseas buyers, we developed a bone conduction speaker unit applying bone conduction technology that delivers sound by vibrating the bones through vibration wavelength, and recently completed the development of earphones for preventing hearing loss.

Since its establishment, ATWO has always been dedicated to developing products that provide the highest level of satisfaction based on trust and honesty, offering products and sales and services. The latest Wireless earbuds and speaker products developed by ATWO were able to achieve positive results such as selecting the representative products of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, acquiring a certificate of outstanding technology competency, and achieving the No. 1 Korean Consumer Satisfaction Index for two consecutive years. Based on these good results and challenging spirit, ATWO’s dream is to move not only in Korea but also in Asia and beyond.


에이투인터내셔널은 "ATWO(에이투)"를 대표브랜드로 

IT전반의 제품을 기획, 개발 제조하는 IT 전문기업입니다.

ATWO는 HANICS의 30년 음향 노하우와 기술력을 바탕으로 설립 되었으며 HANICS는 미군 조달벤더 브랜드로서 미군에 수출이 진행될 만큼 기술력을 인정받은 업체이며 마이크로폰, 송수화기, 골전도 헤드셋 등 다양한 통신 제품들을 수출하고 있습니다. 

에이투 무선 블루투스 이어폰 및 블루투스 스피커 등 음향의 전반적인 제품들은 HANICS의 군 통신기술 및 30년 음향 노하우로 만들어낸 컨슈머 블루투스 아이템으로서, 전 세계 수출 판매되고 있는 글로벌 제품들 입니다.


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